Meditation Time Candle


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The element of fire is the quickest moving element and has the most power to transmute energy and intention. Each Nosaku mediation candle is handcrafted and hand forged by expert Japanese artisans – accentuating its material beauty and fineness. This candle offers a unique experience of combining beauty, fire, and sound into your daily meditation practice.


Add the pins into your candle. As time passes by, the pins will fall into the brass candle holder, creating a soothing sound. The sound, much like a Himalayan Singing Bowl, promotes relaxation.


This set includes 2 Beeswax candles, 1 brass candle holder, 1 candle chipper, and 3 solid brass pins. Wipe with a dry cloth or wash with a soft sponge and neutral detergent. If wet, dry quickly with a soft cloth.


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